WHERE: Riemannstr.7, 10961 Berlin (U7-Gneisenau)
WHEN: TUE-FRI 11-8, SAT & SUN 12-4
WHAT: Click to find out what's going on!

INFO: Another Country is an English Language Second Hand Bookshop, which is mostly used as a library. We have about twenty thousand books that you can buy or borrow. You simply pay the price of a book, which you get back, minus a 1,50 Euro charge, should you choose to return it.
Another Country is also a club which hosts readings, cultural events, social evenings, filmnights and many other things.

CONTACT: info@anothercountry.de

We been favourably mentioned in many international travel articles. Read all REVIEWS here!


Every tuesday at 8 p. m.

Every thursday at 8 p. m.

Every friday. Dinner at 9 p.m.


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lee nguyen pc

Busy life circumstances than the current world history. Mario | Friv | Doraemon Games | Kizi
by Rony Nguyen @ 4/28/16, 3:47 AM

"Can you find..."

by Paul Woods @ 7/22/14, 6:36 PM

Change your future with Wall Street English

Englisch erleben in Berlin – und gewinnen! For all our native German Speaking fans Check check out the raffle going on at Wall Street English you might win a Friday Night Dinner at Another Country. Wall Street English
by kdhm @ 7/18/13, 5:41 PM

Quiz Night continues...

8 rounds of questions. Categories include: General Knowledge, Literature, Film & TV, Audio round, a mystery round and a rapid-fire buzzer round.* Only 1 EUR per person. Come with a team or come alone and join a team. PRIZES: The winning team wins a round of drinks and a voucher for Another Country! Questions will ...
by kdhm @ 5/13/11, 5:21 PM

Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Recall

Dangerous Lead Levels Cause Another Nuclear Sludge Recall: A recall has been issued on a popular candy item due to dangerous levels of lead found in the candy. The candy is called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge, and it is manufactured by a company called Candy Dynamics. The company issued a voluntary recall after ...
by cherry_cola @ 1/30/11, 10:26 PM

Winter Days, Winter Nights

Winter Days, Winter Nights AT ANOTHER COUNTRY BOOKSHOP Entrance is free. Drinks are cheap!!! Feel free to just show up. TUESDAY NIGHTS IN DECEMBER Film starts at 9:00 The 7th "Russian Ark" (2002) The 14th "Home Alone" (1990) The 21st "Gremlins" (1984) The 28th "The Thing" (1982) FRIDAY NIGHTS IN DECEMBER DINNER IS SERVED AT 9:30 TV starts at 8:00 A TV medley of ...
by kdhm @ 12/7/10, 11:33 AM

day late Thanksgiving Dinner this Friday

(this week only €6 due to additional costs for meal) Friday Night Thanksgiving Dinner Roast Turkey with all the trimmings New Glee episode and x factor before dinner and this years cheesy after Thanksgiving Dinner Musical will be in keeping with Scotland theme Month Brigadoon TV shows start around 8:00 Dinner at 9:30 (don´t be too ...
by kdhm @ 11/24/10, 2:24 PM

Tuesday and Friday Films at Bookshop

SCOTTISH FILM MONTH AT ANOTHER COUNTRY BOOKSHOP Entrance is free. Drinks are cheap!!! Feel free to just show up. TUESDAY NIGHTS IN NOVEMBER We will be showing the new BBC series "Lip Service" set in Glasgow Tuesdays at 8pm followed by a film beginning at 9pm. The 2nd "Highlander" (1986) The 9th "Trainspotting" (1996) The 16th "Local Hero" (1983) The ...
by kdhm @ 11/3/10, 3:54 PM

Dinner at 9:30 and Film at 10:45

Tonight´s Film Topper (1937) Topper is a comedy film which tells the story of a stuffy, stuck-in-his-ways man who is haunted by the ghosts of a fun-loving married couple. It was adapted by Eric Hatch, Jack Jevne and Eddie Moran from the novel by Thorne Smith. The film was directed by ...
by kdhm @ 10/22/10, 4:10 PM

Face Book

Another Country Berlin - News and Events | Promote your Page Check out our Facebook page for events info too
by kdhm @ 10/12/10, 10:31 AM

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FUEL - Music & Readings - Every 2nd Sunday at "Schokoladen" - Hosted by LADY GABY

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AD: Resident native speaker of English offers classes for small groups or individual tailor-made lessons ranging from beginners up to proficiency level at reasonable rates.


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lee nguyen pc

Busy life circumstances than the current world history.
Mario | Friv | Doraemon Games | Kizi

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